The three Ma brothers

Oldest brother Ma/Stand alone‧Outward development
I am the oldest of the Ma brothers and have been around noodles since I was a kid. Noodles are my childhood playmates, and the rustic aroma of noodles is a deep memory that stays with me as I grow up. Currently, I am in charge of marketing and trade exhibitions in Taiwan. In the face of fierce competition in the global market, we must not only improve, but also constantly face challenges and accept criticism. This is the driving force and new opportunity for the progress of the brand. It is hoped that the next milestone of Maja misua will be our three brothers working together to create a better future.

Second brother Ma/ impenetrable fortress‧Based and Rooted
The second eldest of the family married in 2017, and the five generations of the Ma family were born and passed on from then on. Misua noodles is the main business of the family. My father is responsible for the production and improvement of the noodle yarn, and my mother is responsible for the exhibition planning and marketing channels. In order to consolidate the position of the No.1 brand of Kinmen Maja noodles, starting from learning brand management, we will make a comprehensive plan for the basic management and division of labor of the family business, and implement the concept of "production for efficiency, production for health", injecting youthful enthusiasm, like a trickle of a noodle thread stretching over a century.

Little Brother Ma/Strength Leveraging‧Joining hands to New Creation
I am the third child in my family, the youngest, and I go in and out with my parents every day. I am most familiar with my parents' work and their attitude toward other people, so naturally I understand the essence of it. Therefore, I deeply identify with the quality requirements of our own products and the implementation of the brand. And these familiar actions and details are my best learning nutrients. At this time, I better understand that the spirit my parents gave to the brand is the concept and perseverance, and it is also the real proof of the long-term consumer support and affirmation.