About Maja(the Family Ma)

Maja Noodles was founded by Ma Sendian, producing Misua noodles (mee sua, wheat vermicelli) in his hometown of Tong'an, Xiamen. They came to Kinmen from Xiamen and settled in Nanmenli Old Street in the early years. The business has been passed down for five generations and have already enjoyed an excellent reputation as a century-old business. Kinmen has strong winds and intense sunshine, which are the best conditions for the production of Misua noodles.

The traditional hand-made noodle making techniques of Kinmen are first-class and unsurpassed. Making use of the pure water found in Kinmen, coupled with the unique local climate, Misua noodles are naturally dried by wind and sunlight. No preservatives are added, they are not bleached and do not need to be stored in the refrigerator, but can be stored at room temperature without becoming moldy or going bad, retaining its original taste. Misua noodles are fragrant, al dente, not salty and have the authentic taste of the hometown.

Maja noodles has always been praised by stores as the best brand of Kinmen Misua and are very popular with consumers. Add to it sorghum, sweet potato, tomato, vegetable, pumpkin, purple sweet potato, etc., and you’ve got seven different flavors, increasing the variety of tastes, therefore multiplying the choices as for eating at home or presents for relatives and friends.

Maja Noodles Sightseeing Factory has the functions of production, exhibition, tour and explanation, and provides tourists with tastings, etc., to convey the Misua culture on Kinmen and promote industrial tourism.

Business philosophy

Misua Experts, Heartfelt Life
Kinmen used to be a battlefield outpost. After opening to tourism, new infrastructure and development revitalized traditional industries and stimulated new competition. In the face of fierce competition in the market, Maja Noodles, as a century-old business, still holds on to its original determination and unwavering brand spirit and continues to move forward. Noodles are our main product, and simplicity and health are the basic principles for production. We have also developed more than ten varieties of Maja sauce that go best with noodles, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. And our Maja gift box is elegant and exquisitely designed, the best choice for a souvenir.

Over the past few decades, we have worked diligently without caring about the scorching sun and without missing any exhibition opportunities. We cherish the efforts and values of the past and engraved them in our hearts. We are happy that the next generation is ready to dedicate themselves to the land of Kinmen, inherit the family business, and stay in the homeland where they were born and raised. We are Learning to keep developing the century-old skills of noodle making and working together to maintain the undisputed reputation of the Maja noodle line as the top brand on Kinmen.

In 2011, we built our own sightseeing factory for Maja Noodles. A token of gratitude and homage to our former masters, with the attitude of the hometown culture of overseas Chinese. The spacious area makes lush words float around, gives space to history, and makes Maja Noodles’ popularity flourish daily.


1988, "Consumer Gold Merchant Award" from the Consumer Association of Taiwan
1998, "Golden Lion Award" from the Small and Medium Enterprise Division, Ministry of Economic Affairs
1999, "Golden Lion Award of Excellence" from the Small and Medium Enterprise Division, Ministry of Economic Affairs
2004, Sightseeing Factory of Selection and Guidance, Ministry of Economic Affairs
2009, Hygienic Good Store from the Kinmen County
2009, Top 10 Specialty Souvenirs of Kinmen
2010, "Taiwanese Food Souvenir", Ministry of Economic Affairs
2011, Century Honor (of Top Ten Century-old Stores) Since the Country’s Foundation, Ministry of Economic Affairs
2012, certified "Top 100 Sightseeing Specialty Products" from the Taiwan Visitors Association.
2014, the lSO22000, ISO9001, and HACCP.